The End of an Era Approaches…

Goodbye Meme


Well, listeners, we are approaching the end of the semester and that means Gator Attack will no longer be gracing the online “airwaves” of KSFS on Monday afternoons. I know, I know, it’s a tragedy. By now you’re probably thinking, “How could this happen? It was so short lived! How will life go on?”

Well, I’m here to tell you to stop your fussing about! How about instead of carrying on about how we can’t hang out anymore, you take a minute to reminisce with me about all the fun times we’ve had together. We may be breaking up, but I refuse to let you be bitter.

Listed below are my top five favorite memories of the semester!

the landlady
Billy Weaver and the Landlady

5. Our Adaptation of The Landlady by Roald Dahl.

This was our first attempt at scripted radio theater on Gator Attack and while it might not have been perfect, I absolutely adore this story and I was happy to adapt it for the show. It had just the right amount of spookiness.


Goblin Sculpture a.k.a A Snapshot of Your Nightmares

4. Adventures Abroad in Zimbabwe.

I was able to put my investigative journalism skills to good use when I traveled to Zimbabwe to blow the case of the goblin attacks wide open. Getting to explore the site of the attacks and see how the locals deal with the little terrors was a great experience to share with you! It definitely happened. Definitely.


Retro microphone on stage
A Microphone to Signify the Showdown

3. The Sing-A-Long Showdown

Karaoke is one of my favorite things to do and being able to embarrass myself live on the air was, quite honestly, a dream come true. It was a fierce competition, but in the end, I lost to my co-host, Steven.


The Murders in the Rue Morgue

2. Our Adaptation of The Murders in the Rue Morgue by Edgar Allen Poe

This was our another attempt at radio theater this semester and it’s a story that I absolutely love. I consider it to this day the hardest mystery I’ve ever read. Though, we might not get the chance to uncover it together, I would definitely recommend that you go out and give this a read!


Me with a Mustache as Merk

1.  Every Installation of Merk’s Mysteries!

My absolute, hands down F A V O R I T E part of this semester was doing the Merk’s Mysteries segment on the show. Each installment was more fun than the last and it was cool getting to play a hard-boiled female detective. I hope you guys liked listening to it as much as I liked putting in on for you.

And with that, our reminiscing must come to a close. Believe that I will miss our time together on Monday afternoons. It’s been
a great semester and I consider you all dear friends!

Make sure to tune in next week for our last official show at on Monday from 12 to 1 PM. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on a tentative show the following week.

Farewell, listeners!

(Original Post By: Mercedes Khali)

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