Gloom & Zork?

Exciting news this week as an Austrian boy found a large sum of money. It turns out that based on the local laws he is entitled to a percentage of the cash as a finders fee. He will also be able to keep the whole amount if no one claims it in the next year. We did ponder if he would wind up getting taxed on it though.

This week’s episode saw us taking part in a couple of games for your enjoyment. We started with Zork an early text adventure game by MIT in the 70’s. Notable is the ability to issue more complex commands that involve conjunctions and prepositions, a first at the time. We started without much explanation near a house that contained some typical useful adventuring supplies. We acquired your standard sword, rope, and bag of peppers?? Quickly discovering a hidden door leading to an underground cave network we were well on our way to swashbuckling greatness. Then suddenly we were killed because we forgot to turn on our lantern in a dark corridor. Old games are brutal.

The other game we played on the show is the card game Gloom. With the objective being to come in dead last, I knew I had the upper hand. With enough time to knock out a few rounds I was able to kill off several of my characters to take the Pyrrhic victory that is winning at Gloom.

No official episode next week, but we may still pop in if we find the time between our finals. Thanks for listening!

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