Sing Along Showdown!

Program You Should Use
Program You Should Use

Today’s show started a little late, though it was more of a restart, with us talking into our mics for a few minutes with the faders down. We were straight to business afterwards, discussing Apple allowing ad blocking apps on iOS devices.

Sing Along Showdown
Sing Along Showdown

Me and Mercedes faced off in this week’s show in a game of Sing Along Showdown. We took turns singing along to various songs we’ve chosen. The objective was to clearly determine the best karaoke singer. I edged slightly in the first round with a blink-182 song knowing when to sing as Mark and when to serenade as Tom. Unfortunately I choked a bit in the second round with a strong finish in the duet stage. Although this time you’re be the judge.

The poll to vote on the winner is HERE.

Rising Star Cave
Rising Star Cave

Mercedes took on her first case as Merc, the latest rookie cop on the force. After taking heat from Commissioner Gordon, she was given her first major assignment. With that, she was on her way to South Africa to crack the case. With the help of her guide, Merc descend deep into a cave. After facing many pitfalls she was able to make a major discovery for the fossil record.

Episode Video Link

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