Gator Attack!

After lots of planning next week will be the first episode of Gator Attack! Rumor has it at sometime Monday afternoon, but the finalized schedule has yet to be confirmed.

Robber Barons
Robber Barons

Who’s on the show? Gator Attack is hosted by the talented Mercedes Milner and myself Stephen Crane. Brought together by fate, and taking BECA 305, we’ve come up with what I believe is the only variety show that will air on KSFS this Fall. Having a monopoly, we will become the robber barons of KSFS.


What can I expect? Expect the unexpected. Gator Attack is a variety show so we’ll have new content each week. Of course the ideas that work well will continue to appear on future episodes. To give a clearer picture we already have several plans coming down the pipe. There are offshoots of popular TV game shows, musical segments, radio dramas, and some comedy bits.

Literal Gator Attack
Literal Gator Attack

Why Gator Attack? Besides being catchy and easy to remember, it grounds the show locally to San Francisco. By taking on the mascot of SFSU, where KSFS is based, we’re targeting our core audience of local college students.

Cant wait to start our first show.  Catch you then!

If the show doesn’t appeal to you that much here’s a guide to help you.

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